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Meet Scott McKay

Scott McKay has been a wellness industry entrepreneur for several decades after acquiring his Bachelor of Science degree from Penn State University in the Corporate Health and Wellness field. After a successful national-level competitive bodybuilding career, Scott transitioned into the wellness industry with a start-up business of private fitness programming in Southern California and then moving on to develop a high end pilates-based physical therapy and elite fitness enterprise in Las Vegas, Nevada. Terra Quantum Recharge in Colleyville, Texas is his latest evolution of combating disease by bringing quantum scalar technology to a world now plagued with few solutions for the rapidly growing health problems seen on a global level.


Scott is best known around the world for his “Patriot Streetfighter” podcast that went global after it’s maiden broadcast in November of 2020 and catapulted him to becoming one of the most prominent Freedom/Motivational speakers in the nation.  His story of a “death/return to life" experience from a catastrophic crash on his Harley Davidson in 2014, a horrific tragedy that left him paralyzed and broken nearly beyond repair, homeless, crippled and penniless 8 months following the incident before mounting an epic comeback (all without a disability check) has inspired people all over the world to what is possible with the right mental attitude and unstoppable work ethic. 


Scott has became a major influencer in Freedom Movement and now, with this endeavor, in the “Health Freedom” movement by delivering Nikola Tesla’s scalar frequency technology to the world of wellness for all of humanity along with his partners Dr. Rick Guerrero and wife April.


Scott is also the creator and host of  “The Tipping Point” radio show on Revolution Radio where he fights and advocates for "We The People” of the world. To book Scott for speaking engagements email 

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